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Funding is fuel for your business. Whether you are starting, growing, diversifying or consolidating your business, funding is most likely top of mind. And if you are like most businesses, there is never enough of it.

Government Funding is the most under-utilised funding strategy for small to medium sized businesses. Every year, the government awards $2 billion dollars to assist businesses with their growth strategy. Tax credit and grant programs can provide your business with the funding its needs. But like all things government, the rules can be incomprehensible and the documentation can be onerous. Shervington Cole has the expertise to guide you seamlessly through the Government Funding process.

100% ROI

Our team of tax specialists, solicitors, engineers and IT professionals are uniquely qualified to prepare your government grant and tax credit claims. It’s not just about tallying up the numbers. We bring value by building long-term relationships to understand your strategy and achieve the most favourable outcome.

Shervington Cole determines eligibility at no cost and provides hundreds of free consultations every year. 




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Our Approach

Shervington Cole offers a non-intrusive, turnkey approach relying on our vast experience and proprietary technology. As a result, our clients invest minimal resources yet achieve significant returns. We offer the following with every engagement as part of our value proposition:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Project documentation outsourcing to Shervington Cole
  • Success-based fee requiring no initial investment
  • Project self-funding with tax savings/cash back
  • Assistance with implementation of internal processes
  • Proprietary methodology and technology to maximize benefit
  • Permanent tax savings and reduced effective tax rate

Our professionals have extensive experience both identifying credits and incentives as well as navigating the audit process. 


A failure in planning is a plan for failure
— Zillo


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